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the jewish law at that time which held you had to provide a woman with a household near her original family. you couldn't, for example, take a woman from galilee to judea or judea to galilee. from the town to the country side or vice versa. that is one reason for caution. >> give me the second one. 13 years old was the average age according to the jewish religion a woman becomes betrothed and that young lady was watched carefully by her parents and others to see to it that she arrived at the marriage state in a state of virgin, correct? that line was crossed. isn't that all very small academic minor green eye shade material when you are faced with the reality of this situation? >> it may be. the other factor i had in mind is mary mag ga -- magdalene's previous possession. we don't know the nature of that earlier difficulty. >> we are talking about the demons. >> exactly. >> the gospels say that mary mag -- magdalene was possessed by seven demons. what were these demons? were they physical, neurological, psychiatric, satanic? we will put that question to our guest. first here is his distiuis
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1